Natchez Trace Historic Letters and Seals digital collection


Link to the digital collection (Manakin UI)

Our INF 385S Digital Libraries class built a digital repository for a collection of historic letters and seals from the Richard Archer Family Papers at UT’s Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.  firstclassextrasuperbig

For the project the class digitized physical archival materials, created a metadata schema from Dublin Core and VRA elements,  designed and developed an infrastructure for the collection in a DSpace repository, and customized a Manakin UI template.

I did not design the user interface for this project. Instead, I chose to work exclusively on the back end. My team built the DSpace infrastructure and ingested the objects into the repository.  We defined Items within the collection and how the digitized archival objects would relate to each other in DSpace, mapped the DC/VRA schema into the DSpace Metadata Registry, designed an item template for UI-based item submission, and ingested all objects into the repository  by batch uploading with XML metadata files through the command line.


This project is in its early stages, and will continue to be developed by the School of Information in cooperation with the Briscoe Center.

Collaborators (On the infrastructure team) Ellie Dickson & Francesca Giannetti

Tools DSpace, XML, UNIX

Roles DSpace infrastructure design and implementation, object ingest through batch uploading and manual submission